My First CrossFit Encounter

I decided to search for a new sport that is easy to combine with studying and work. A friend of mine suggested to try Crossfit, because you will get really fit and it will cost about an hour for each session.

Most people know the term Crossfit, but don’t really know what it actually is. Until my first real Crossfit experience I didn’t really know what it was either. I tried two different gyms in Amsterdam, so I will give you an insight in my experience.


What is Crossfit?

I would describe Crossfit as a workout that will get you fit. Unlike going to a regular gym where you train to get your muscles bigger, Crossfit is a combination between using your muscles and your condition. In short, it will get you crazy fit!

Every day there will be a WOD released. WOD means Workout Of the Day. This workout contains a couple of exercises that you need to complete as fast as possible.


What does a Crossfit lesson look like?

Both lessons I tried started with a warming up where you do some simple exercises to get your muscles warm. After the warming up we did some of the final exercises with less weight to get the technique right.

With about 20 minutes left of the one-hour session, we had to do the final WOD of four different exercises. In my opinion, this was not that easy to complete within 20 minutes.

I really liked the lessons and I suddenly felt less fit than I thought I was, but that is a good thing in my opinion.


Quality of the lessons

I noticed that there is a huge difference in price and quality for Crossfit lessons in Amsterdam. The first gym I tried was a really expensive, but the instructor was really professional and taught me a lot about the different techniques. The instructor of the second cheaper gym only told us what exercises we had to do and did not really care how you got it done.


My experience

After a 60-minute workout my body was finished, but mentally I got so much energy from the whole Crossfit environment. I really enjoyed the lessons and I think that I’m going to do this more often!

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